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Simply click on the button to donate to Family Together First Organization.Your donation will assist us to educate the general public as well as acquire  legal and other assistance for our families. Please note at this time you will not be able to count it as a tax deduction we are not set up yet to be considered non-profit.Family Together first is in the process of organizing and setting up a hotline for families seeking assistance.  The hotline will be an ongoing offering to our families we are looking to assist.  Help us by subscribing to receive our semi monthly newsletters by choosing the subscribe button bellow.  Green and Silver Subscribers will receive our semi monthly newsletter as well as one of our Gov and His Pets series which are current family fairytale like stories.  Our Gold subscribers will receive a collection of 3 Gov and His Pets stories in the first month and a new story will follow every other month. Purchase any or all three fundraiser booklets is available via  Amazon Kindle.  Funds from the sale of this first edition will be used to further the education of the important topics they represent as well as fund summer camp and extra curricular classes  for children.


Family Together First welcomes volunteers to be family advocates for struggling community members or volunteer professional services to families in need.

Fill out this simple form and let us know what skills you would like to donate to a family in need.  We will work to match up your skills with a family in your area.  Thank you.


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