Family Together First Organization is now Family Together First Inc.  We are a nonprofit organization helping families with children.  We are currently working on developing an assistance line for our families in need to call.  For ways to help by offering money or time visit or Donation page or for a one time donation click here:

You may also choose to receive a semi-monthly newsletter and one of the family fairytale like stories from our collection of Gov and his Pets by selecting one of the following:


Additionally the first edition of the first three booklets in the Gov and His Pets are available for purchase via Amazon Kindle.  Funds raised via the sale of these booklets will go toward the furthering of the education on these important topic as well as funding summer camp and extra curricular activities for children.  Thank you!

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Family Together First Organization

Family Together First Organization assists families with children remain families.

We provide support and education for families.  We are also dedicated to educating the general public and raise awareness on key issues.

Family Together First Organization will assist families with support, support groups and guide families to legal and medial assistance if necessary.

Family Together First Organization is offering  assistance throughout the United States by networking with other organizations with similar goals. We are based in Rhode Island.

You may find suggestions from others in similar situations on the blog.  You may contact us with your issues via the contact form.

Family Together First Organization accepts contributions by clicking on the donation button.  Donations are not tax-deductible at this time since we consider advocating for better understanding and support of families as part of our mission. Donations may also be mailed to Family Together First Organization at P.O. Box 1622 North Kingstown, RI 02852.

Family Together First Organization would like to her from community members who would like to donate time or services to other community members.  Please contact us and let us know what you are willing to provide.