Latest Developing Cases Effecting All Parents and Parental Rights: Who profits from CPS

Here is some input we have had so far:

Parents of the most innocent victims in CPS abuse, children who are sick, will want success in the latest cases and against the latest trend of taking medically sick children to add to drug experimentation without parental consent.  Recent examples can be found on are just a few families involved in a bitter battle with the state over the right to care for and have second medical opinions for their children. Other sites such as and many others call for change in a corrupt practices of our nations CPS programs.  Even reserved people may feel a twinge of feeling for sick children in hospitals prevented from seeing their parents and may start to open the eyes of others on what is happening to their parental rights under the belief and propaganda of safety and well-being for children.

Maybe somehow the public will start to realize how CPS is more of an agency to balance state budgets and create revenue and support other agencies who depend making profit off of destruction of families.  Tax payers feel good that some money is allocated to help the less fortunate and save children.  It is time to realize the unaccountability for the funding, actions of and abuse created by the present pay the state per kid structure is causing. Currently your child could be taken from your home without a hearing, kept from you and even adopted out without you ever getting a hearing or straight answers as to why your child was taken.  far more than half are for non violent undetermined neglect other.  This is they have not found a good reason and they are still going to investigate and make you go through hurdles.  So your child is taken, the CPS doesn’t even have a good answer to why but there your child will stay until you jump through hurdles.  And wait because by the time you get through all the hurdles you have timed out and your child is adopted away.

So yes, it is not just the CPS agency wanting to continue growth of revenue and power and all the easily recognized agencies feeding off the success of separating families such as:

CPS workers

Social workers

State Experts

The states expert witnesses are part of the web of corruption.

The  social workers who take an eight our class are then able to administer a standardized highly suggestive test or two so that all accountability for taking a child can rest on the way they fill in bubbles to questions most don’t even understand but that the 8 hour class also sees to make them an expert over the family medical doctor, lets not gloss over the fact that the state had picks an chooses and keeps hiring the experts who will feed them enough children by their testimony. This is a part of the professionals who profit.

Therapists and their institutions that they work for:

The state’s hand-picked therapists as well as the state for overseeing them:

The group leaders to the mandated therapy and the centers hand-picked by the states to administer these classes to all even the vast majority who are not guilty of anything but an allegation was made so they are mandated to go. The indignation of good parents and the pain of the injustice are all swallowed and the loop or hurdle is done at the parents expense and hmmmm, a little double dipping for money here,  in hopes of spearing their child anymore suffering and damage brought on by separating parents and child.  This is one hurdle that is often just another trap that leads to the hurdles but with no power, all constitutional rights stripped because it is considered family court so some how children are not worth all the rights that theft of say money or jewelry is given.

State selected Tests:

Often generic automated conclusions to standardized test children mandated to specialists are used as the sole reason for separation. This perversion continues because no one wants to be holding the bag as to why a removal is needed. I am unconvinced the judges themselves realize the generic conclusion provided by the standardized computerized test that the court appointed specialist administer after their 8 hour class or promise to take the 8 hour class in the future, is meant to assist or suggest  but not to be the sole diagnosis of anything.  Most children do not even understand the questions asked on such tests.  It is unfair to blame the test creators for this misuse of the instrument but they certainly are profiting from this.

Judicial Branch:

The judges and the staff that clearly have no motivation to end a case early.  Every continuance is another continuance of jobs and pay.  The length of time children and parents remain under the stress and stain of state unfair immoral scrutiny deteriorates everyone’s ability to recover from and have a normal life after.  Also there is a lot of internal mixing were people profiting from the actions of one committee on the other committee.

Institutions for Warehousing the Children

The institutions designed to warehouse these children and the overseers of the facilities.  Often the floor workers are not degreed and paid very little to supervise the traumatized children. The children are traumatized by the state’s jarring over reactions not issues at home.

State Appointed Attorneys

The lawyers who profit. There are the state appointed lawyers who are trained and believe that all the families they see are low functioning people unable to care for their children and that these less than high functioning children it is ok to treat like cattle and not care the rights of the parents are trampled on, they are given permission from their peers that these less functioning beings will never excel in life anyway and are not deserving of rights, hope or to be heard.

Private Attorneys

The attorneys who take the money from families desperate for the return the children profit.  They will simply stop returning calls once the family has liquidated all they have and given their last dime they can borrow.

Foster care, both the  state and foster parents.

The states profit by overseeing all the children in custody and allowed money for every child in custody.  Even children who are adopted out from the state the state still gives money of the care of the child that was given a label of any issue to be rated as high needs.  The adoption parent will get some and the state will receive money for overseeing this.(Many foster parents have stressed great frustration in the fact that often even they have little control or say as to what would be best for the child in their care. So neither parents who love and raise their children and even the foster parents the state profits from overseeing the placement have say over what is best f or the child it is how much the state may profit from the child.

The state does receive money for every child in foster care. Foster parents relieve state money as well which is where you get foster parents taking on several children so they do not have to have their own to live off the state. This is not all foster families but the corrupt practice is tolerated to  continue to warehouse as many children for profit.

State continues to profit for children adopted from state care.

The state receives money for every child with needs it adopts out continually.


Now hospitals are given a spiffs, yes they are monetarily rewarded for every child they turn into the state.

Anymore thoughts on who is profiting from the removal of children in the present fee structure to the CPS?

Does anyone have feedback as to how public schools may receive more money per state child directly or indirectly?

Any thoughts on what would motivate an agency to not warehouse as many children since no one so far will stand up against this corrupt practice of our children to balance state budgets?


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