Family Together First Organization

Family Together First Organization assists families with children remain families.

We provide support and education for families.  We are also dedicated to educating the general public and raise awareness on key issues.

Family Together First Organization will assist families with support, support groups and guide families to legal and medial assistance if necessary.

Family Together First Organization is offering  assistance throughout the United States by networking with other organizations with similar goals. We are based in Rhode Island.

You may find suggestions from others in similar situations on the blog.  You may contact us with your issues via the contact form.

Family Together First Organization accepts contributions by clicking on the donation button.  Donations are not tax-deductible at this time since we consider advocating for better understanding and support of families as part of our mission. Donations may also be mailed to Family Together First Organization at P.O. Box 1622 North Kingstown, RI 02852.

Family Together First Organization would like to her from community members who would like to donate time or services to other community members.  Please contact us and let us know what you are willing to provide.


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  1. Will you sign this petition? Click here:

    Family Together First Organization is starting a campaign called “Mirrors and Windows for the state Child and Family Services Department.” Please Read the following petition and sign it in support of providing “Mirrors and Windows “ for the state departments of Child and Family services.”

    Joey prayed to be reconnected with his mom but through errors, mismanagement of power, and lack of ability to correct the errors or hold the state accountable Joey remained separated from him mom and biological family members. Joey’s mom ran out of money and hope after being separated from her child for over a year. She died. Thousands of children across the country say the same prayer. Let us provide “mirrors and windows” so the Child Protective Services Child and Family Services may be held accountable for misuse of power and make changes so their behavior is visible and go back to helping children who really need it in productive ways rather than needlessly growing departments.

    That’s why I created a petition to The Rhode Island State House, The Rhode Island State Senate, and 4 others.

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:

    Joe knelt down by the bed and said his prayers before bed at his friend’s house. He placed his two hands together and prepared to have his serious moment with God. He prayed, “Please God, let my mom and I be family and live together again soon. It has been over a year since state people came and wanted to make sure I was safe. We have done everything they asked and yet they just won’t let us together again. Please God, I miss my Mom.” About two weeks later, after over a year of battling with the state, broken hearted, out of money and strength, Joe’s mom died.

    Approximately a year and a half earlier Joe’s mom worked, was a volunteer in school and well liked. She confronted someone for stealing one evening and her son was with her. An altercation broke out between the thief and Joe’s mom. The police were called. In less than the six hours it took for Joe’s biological grandmother to come up and pick him up while the police matter was being straightened out Joe was placed in state custody. The beautiful single parent mom fought with all she had but she was mentally and financially drained. The strain of having Joe taken away created medical issues for Joe’s mom. She died weeks after Joe’s prayer was heard by the friend’s mother. It took Joe’s biological grandmother around another year to gain legal custody of Joey.

    This is just one of thousands of prayers legally kidnapped children say at night. The state children’s protective services and family services spend $20 to remove a child for every $1 spent to problem solve issues. The focus is no longer for the good of children and families but for the good of the growth of the department.

    The focus of Child and family services needs to be brought back to what is good for the child that is 80% of the time to be with the family. Victims of state services are often court ordered to not tell their story for “the good of the child.” The silence of state abuse needs to be broken.

    The children on the United States should not be forced from their family on pure speculation, and kept from parents until the parents are completely financially and emotionally drained from the legalized home invasion brought on often by anonymous callers or members outside the family unit. The children will be stripped of all rights by the state. They are often placed on heavy medical restraints and psychiatric drugs that are not even studied to be used on children. This misplacement, misdiagnosis and flat mistreatment goes unanswered for.

    In this modern day our country’s children in state custody who have been legally kidnapped will be forced by the state to take drugs and mandatory therapy, with state picked therapists. were they will often stay in treatment until the “admit” they were abused. When there is not a clear reason other than a possible potential of an issue than that child is simply being conditioned to be victim for the rest of his or her life. The title will often be incorrect. The title is a victim of the state protective services.

    Our tax payer dollars should not be used to randomly devastate families, often middle and lower class are the targets, and then after spending our tax money to remove the children and then cry for more money to house the children. Labeling and tearing apart families has been proven to be destructive to the child, family and long-term community and in a time of struggling economy blank checks to the state to protect us from a possibility or a potential or a slight minor complication should not continue.

    Please sign the petition to notify the government we want visibility and accountability in the family services departments in RI which is ranked one of the lowest in the country as well as nation wide as well as the entire nation to improve safety and welfare of children in state custody. Mirrors to help the child and families services identify abusive behavior may be the best investment before any more money is given to a department that has zero visibility, accountability and a very poor record of outcome. If the moment of reflection this petition is asking the Department of Child and Family Services to do seems insulting, imagine the thousands and thousands of families who are separated with far less allegations by the state.

    Please sign the petition asking for more accountability and visibility for the Child and Family Services and suggest mirrors are given for all the child and family service employees and windows for the taxpayer to see so abusive behavior may be identified and corrected.

    Family Together First has a facebook page as well. Like the page to show support.

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